Saturday, October 13, 2012

What's going on? - Part 1

No, the project isn't dead. Things are happening behind creaking doors; lots of things; but we can't share everything with you. Do you really want us to spoil all the surprises?

...Portraits; Demo Soundtracks; Computer Generated Models; Props; and more...

Things are happening, even if they aren't always posted publicly. As of now, this is our current plan of action; it has no set dates, but once it's reached the last step, relive me, you won't be able to not know about it.

At some point, I'm planing to overhaul the website again. Just wanted to mention that; it's not the first step in our plan. As of now, final touches are currently being placed on the script, which is currently on draft number 5. Once we've got our final draft, we can begin making the shot list for the entire film. A shot list (for those of you who don't know what one is) basically outlines what the script is going to translate into visually on camera. From deciding if a wide angle shot or a close up shot is needed, to what kind of lighting should be used, the shot list will bring us another step closer towards production. Using the shot list, the next step will be to sit down and storyboard the majority of the shot list. A film that's relying on green-screen and composite performances as much as ours, it's quite important to have a visual rough-draft to make sure we know exactly what each shot will entail. Once the storyboards are done, we can formulate a schedule for production. Once we have a rough scheduled ready, we will be left with one last critical step before production can begin.

Casting. This will be the big hurdle. We will need to finally start casting actors and actresses if we want to get into production. Don't panic yet! I'll only start bugging everyone and anyone local once the previous steps are finished. Think of it this way, once we reach this step, the weight of the project will fall on all of you, in a much lighter fashion.

I just wanted to announce our current plans; and get everyone who's on board with us up to speed on the status and direction of the project. Hopefully I'll find some time to do some more posts that aren't progress reports. Until then...

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Updating the Story - Part 1

First off, I'm sorry this post has taken so long to materialize. I was on vacation, traveling the vast roads of the United States, from Casper, WY, to Port Columbus, OH. (No, there were no ghosts in Casper, WY) Now we can finally begin to dig deeper into this grave... a positive one... I guess that's one saying that didn't serve it's punful purpose too well... oh well, let us begin...

We are to begin with the category of "Updating the Story," which won out in our poll. This does not mean we won't look at the other topics. It just means this one comes first.

Let's look at what this is all about; a summary of the topic at hand, straight from the last post:
These installments will take a look at what has been done to take the late 1960's 24 Minute story-teller record and expand it into a full length film that modern audiences can take a bit more seriously. We'll look at what's been cut (very little) and what's been added (a whole hell of a lot) and what has been changed (quite a bit) to mold the source material into something we're just dying to show you.
So, without further a due, let's begin. I'ts a good thing this topic was voted to start first; because guess what everyone? It's time for a history lesson! I know a good amount of you know the story behind this whole thing, but this blog is meant to answer all the questions that any average Joe might have about the project. So it's time to take a look at the history of the source material...

The Story & Song from The Haunted Mansion LP album was released in 1969, coinciding with the opening of the original version of the attraction at Disneyland. For those of you who don't know the history behind the Storyteller records; they where the equivalent of the read-along cassette tapes of the 1990's. It seems today's generation doesn't have an equivalent to this sort of audio-visual entertainment. Anyhow, Disneyland Records basically had cornered the market in children's albums in the 60's and 70's. Prior to the release of the attraction-based Mansion album, similar storyteller records for both It's a Small World and Pirates of the Caribbean had been released. These albums where not exclusively sold at the park; they could be found at your local department store; (Places like the Target, Walmart, and K-Mart of the day) the albums promoted the attraction to kids who bought them, and in turn, would lead to the children begging their parents to go to Disneyland to experience the real thing! Marketing genius right there...

Unlike the previously mentioned attraction-based releases, the Mansion album took a different approach to the concept. Where as the other two merely provided a narrated flow-through of the attraction, the Mansion album gave the listeners a story to go with the flow-through; hence the name, The Story & Song. The said story follows a teenage couple; Mike (voiced by Ron Howard) and Karen (voiced by Robie Lester); who wind up taking a flow-through of the attraction's scenes after taking shelter from a rainstorm in a Haunted House. They are greeted by the disembodied voice of a ghost host (voiced by Peter Renoudet) who guides them on a tour of his haunted home.

Because your really should hear it before we continue, I'm providing a link to the low-quality version that has been available on for the longest time. (Scroll down to the first "Shh... Listen" and press play. You can also read a bit more on the history of the album) I don't want to place any illegal links here. Not with this project on the line. I highly suggest you obtain a copy of your own. The album was recently re-released officially on compact disc in 2009, and is easy to obtain online, or at the Disney theme parks.

Because the original record only runs about 24 minutes in length, this leaves us with the need to expand the story. While there are defiantly enough visuals to fill out an hour's worth of film in the scenes present on the album alone, we feel that expanding and altering the story is a necessary task. Because the album is based on the Disneyland version of the attraction, which is slightly shorter than the version built at Walt Disney World, we have decided to add several scenes based on the rooms missing at the Anaheim original. Such scenes include the Haunted Library, Music Room, and Grand Staircase. Another entirely new room has been added to supplement as home for some evicted tenants with eight limbs from the Orlando attraction. But we'll cover these rooms a little later in the "Re-Haunting the Mansion" topic.

In addition, several elements have been dropped, added, and updated to modernize the story, making it more believable for today's audience; removing some of the campy and cheesy flavor of the album and replacing it with a more acceptable vibe. We'll cover these various add-on's and drop-off's in our next installment, Updating the Story - Part 2

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Our Tour Begins Here

...with so much content to explore, I really don't know where to begin. That's why you get to choose what we're going to look at first! Yes; that's right! You!

To the right is a poll; place your vote for what you'd like our blog to dive into first. Most of the choices will lead to multi-post installments regarding the topic at hand. Which one gives you an "aura of foreboding?"

Updating the Story

These installments will take a look at what has been done to take the late 1960's 24 Minute story-teller record and expand it into a full length film that modern audiences can take a bit more seriously. We'll look at what's been cut (very little) and what's been added (a whole hell of a lot) and what has been changed (quite a bit) to mold the source material into something we're just dying to show you.

Re-Haunting the Mansion

In these installments, we will take a look at what is being done to take the memorable environments in the attraction and duplicate them on screen. The record describes a dilapidated fixer-upper, while the attraction is well-kept on the outside; and apart from a few cobwebs, is mostly up well-kept on the inside too. We're making a haunted house movie, so we're doing it the way most people would expect to see it; a spooky old house covered in ivy; with creaking floors, rotting doors, and shudders hanging loose from the hinges. We'll take a look at the scenes in the attraction; some real-life references, and see how things are going to look in our happy haunt.

It's Only a Trick of the Light

In this section, we'll look at the efforts going into the various special effects that this film will be relying on. From transforming the living into transparent specters, to safely hanging yours truly from the neck in the bell free. Just how do you make a room stretch? What does it take to have a singing knight hold his own decapitated head in his hand? How in the world do you create a claustrophobic corridor of cobwebs, complete with hulking spiders? We'll explain how in these installments.

We Have 999 Happy Haunts

We'll that's a lie. If we do have 999, you're only going to see 63 roles being preformed. Still, 63 is an astounding number of roles to fill. So, assuming that the more you know about these characters, the more interested you'll be in helping to bring them to life (and in most cases; minus three or so; afterlife) on screen; we'll take a look at each and every character. What part do they play in the story? Can they sing? What type of personality do they have? What do they look like? What do they wear? Have they already been cast? These, and many more questions will be answered in these installments.

Of course, the general behind-the-scenes post regarding recent events will show up from time-to-time. And just because one topic gets the most votes doesn't mean I'll complete all of it's installments before jumping to another one. The installments won't be in any particular order, other than being numbered as they are posted. So, go ahead and vote if you haven't already. We're just dying to get started...