Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Our Tour Begins Here

...with so much content to explore, I really don't know where to begin. That's why you get to choose what we're going to look at first! Yes; that's right! You!

To the right is a poll; place your vote for what you'd like our blog to dive into first. Most of the choices will lead to multi-post installments regarding the topic at hand. Which one gives you an "aura of foreboding?"

Updating the Story

These installments will take a look at what has been done to take the late 1960's 24 Minute story-teller record and expand it into a full length film that modern audiences can take a bit more seriously. We'll look at what's been cut (very little) and what's been added (a whole hell of a lot) and what has been changed (quite a bit) to mold the source material into something we're just dying to show you.

Re-Haunting the Mansion

In these installments, we will take a look at what is being done to take the memorable environments in the attraction and duplicate them on screen. The record describes a dilapidated fixer-upper, while the attraction is well-kept on the outside; and apart from a few cobwebs, is mostly up well-kept on the inside too. We're making a haunted house movie, so we're doing it the way most people would expect to see it; a spooky old house covered in ivy; with creaking floors, rotting doors, and shudders hanging loose from the hinges. We'll take a look at the scenes in the attraction; some real-life references, and see how things are going to look in our happy haunt.

It's Only a Trick of the Light

In this section, we'll look at the efforts going into the various special effects that this film will be relying on. From transforming the living into transparent specters, to safely hanging yours truly from the neck in the bell free. Just how do you make a room stretch? What does it take to have a singing knight hold his own decapitated head in his hand? How in the world do you create a claustrophobic corridor of cobwebs, complete with hulking spiders? We'll explain how in these installments.

We Have 999 Happy Haunts

We'll that's a lie. If we do have 999, you're only going to see 63 roles being preformed. Still, 63 is an astounding number of roles to fill. So, assuming that the more you know about these characters, the more interested you'll be in helping to bring them to life (and in most cases; minus three or so; afterlife) on screen; we'll take a look at each and every character. What part do they play in the story? Can they sing? What type of personality do they have? What do they look like? What do they wear? Have they already been cast? These, and many more questions will be answered in these installments.

Of course, the general behind-the-scenes post regarding recent events will show up from time-to-time. And just because one topic gets the most votes doesn't mean I'll complete all of it's installments before jumping to another one. The installments won't be in any particular order, other than being numbered as they are posted. So, go ahead and vote if you haven't already. We're just dying to get started...

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