Saturday, October 13, 2012

What's going on? - Part 1

No, the project isn't dead. Things are happening behind creaking doors; lots of things; but we can't share everything with you. Do you really want us to spoil all the surprises?

...Portraits; Demo Soundtracks; Computer Generated Models; Props; and more...

Things are happening, even if they aren't always posted publicly. As of now, this is our current plan of action; it has no set dates, but once it's reached the last step, relive me, you won't be able to not know about it.

At some point, I'm planing to overhaul the website again. Just wanted to mention that; it's not the first step in our plan. As of now, final touches are currently being placed on the script, which is currently on draft number 5. Once we've got our final draft, we can begin making the shot list for the entire film. A shot list (for those of you who don't know what one is) basically outlines what the script is going to translate into visually on camera. From deciding if a wide angle shot or a close up shot is needed, to what kind of lighting should be used, the shot list will bring us another step closer towards production. Using the shot list, the next step will be to sit down and storyboard the majority of the shot list. A film that's relying on green-screen and composite performances as much as ours, it's quite important to have a visual rough-draft to make sure we know exactly what each shot will entail. Once the storyboards are done, we can formulate a schedule for production. Once we have a rough scheduled ready, we will be left with one last critical step before production can begin.

Casting. This will be the big hurdle. We will need to finally start casting actors and actresses if we want to get into production. Don't panic yet! I'll only start bugging everyone and anyone local once the previous steps are finished. Think of it this way, once we reach this step, the weight of the project will fall on all of you, in a much lighter fashion.

I just wanted to announce our current plans; and get everyone who's on board with us up to speed on the status and direction of the project. Hopefully I'll find some time to do some more posts that aren't progress reports. Until then...

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